Jeep Jamboree '02

Here are some of shots I took...or where taken of the '02 Jeep Jamboree I attended in French Lick, IN. I got to go on this Jamboree as a Christmas present from my parents. They said I could go on one with them, but I could only ride along in their Jeep. I thought that sounded like fun, but it would be more fun to drive. I had been looking for a Wrangler for quite a while, finally found one just before the Jamboree. Because of that, I got to drive my own!

The day before the off roading begins, they have fun stuff to do as everyone was registering & preparing for the event. One activities was a flex test. We didn't do to bad for stock Wranglers.


My Dad

Another activity was a reverse steering Wrangler. I drove the course they had and didn't do very well because the Wrangler had an automatic transmission. My problem was that I couldn't quickly shift from D to R. I would either move the shift lever to far or not far enough and then be lost and have to stop & find the correct gear. I've never had an automatic vehicle, so it's not second nature for me to shift that quickly. I got to do it again just for fun (time did not count). This time before I drove I practiced forwards-reverse-forwards-reverse-forwards-reverse. I got it down & I did much better. I not only beat the fastest person to drive the Wrangler, but I beat the guy who set up the Wrangler by several seconds :) No photo of this event though. I don't know what I was thinking...I should have got video of it. Oh well...maybe next time.

The next activity we did was the how slow can you go hill climb. Dad & I competed in the stock class. They had several classes. We had fun on this one, but where not competitive


My Dad

The last activity my Dad & I competed in was the blindfolded driver event. I did win that one :) My Dad had a good time too, but I won by several seconds. At the end of the Jamboree they handed out trophies for the events. All the trophies where front plate tags. No photos of the event, but here is my trophy :)

Trophy close up

I have a few photos but I spent most of my time shooting video. Sooner or later I'll get a video or two on here :) It also rained most of the time we where there, which is good 'cuz We B Muddin'. Only problem for me is my Jeep is pretty much stock with all season tires & an open diff... and I was stuck several times. When we lined up, I wanted to be behind my Dad so he could pull me out & I could watch him. But the trail guide - Max - said he wanted me behind him so he could pull me out. So behind him I went. Here is Max's Jeep in front of me on one of the trails.

Max's Jeep

I don't think there is much that needs to be said about this one. This was before the first day of driving. We where all lined up in our groups and ready to go. The groups where divided by trail difficulty, and our group was the Blue Group. My Wrangler is the first one you can see to the right of the tree. The front right headlight is blocked by the tree. Here is the Blue Group winding through the woods at the very start. Go Blue!
This shot was one of the first stops where we had to pull over and for a hard part of the trail. We stopped and one by one drove through the obstacle. This was the line up before day two. This time we had mud on the Jeeps. Before day 1 they where all shinny & clean As I was walkin' around before Day 2, checkin' out the mud on the vehicles & tackin' pictures, a lady saw what I was doing. She said look at this and stuck her finger in her spare tire and pulled it open. Not sure where they did that, but ouch.
Here we where climbing a steep hill. Max pulled off to the side to guide us up the hill. He would talk to us on a CB as we where driving. This me coming up the hill. Here's my Dad on his way up.
We made it to the end, and this is Max at the awards ceremony wavin' the Team Blue flag...Go Blue! We where by far the loudest and crazies group of them all.
Here's a close up of Max sportin' his best, Billy Bob Teeth & hat cranked off to the side for effect.
This was after the event was over & we where just leaving the property :(
This is Dad's Jeep back at this motorhome. Yea, he got a little more mud on his than I got on mine. Then again he has nobbier tires & they stick out a little more for excellent mud flippin' capabilities.

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