Land Between the Lakes 11/27/02

I had to park somewhere!

My Dad brought his & my Mom's 4 wheelers. This is me on my Mom's.

This is my Dad on his.

We stop to watch other people just like they stop to watch us. This guy bottomed out & got stuck.

This is my Mom & Dad washing the Jeep.

Well...this is not a Jeep...but it was cool to see Bald Eagles in the trees.

This mudd pit is pretty deap. He tried to get out in the photo on the left, but could not make it. So he backed up and got out in a different spot. For reference how deap this is, the photo on the right indicates how deep the mudd was. I walked up to the Jeep and the mudd line below the door was about up to my belly button 3'6".

I got stuck in this photo. We where driving through a flat parking area. There used to be mudd holes in it, and they where recently filled. It had rained in the previous few days, but was drying. This filled pit looked pretty unintimidating & I thought I would drive through the little mudd puddle. The mudd on top was fairly dry & you could stand on it I found out after I got out of the Jeep. As I drove through it, I just sunk in it like it was peanut butter. When I got out, as I would take a step with one foot, the foot that was still on the ground, I could feel the ground move from my other foot hitting the ground. The front Passenger side tire/wheel was an inch or two from being completely under the mudd. The Jeep was sitting flat in the mudd. My Dad tried to pull me out, but didn't even budge the Jeep. Finally a guy with a heavily modified truck with 44's & a winch had a hard time pulling me out. I guess it was so hard to pull me out because the mudd I was in was like peanut butter.

As we where driving around, we found a pretty long mudd puddle that was several inches deap. We drove through it slow & found it was smooth on the bottom. We also thought there was too much water in the puddle. So we drove back & forth through it until we splashed all the water/mudd out of it. When we finished there was only a thin layer of mudd left in the puddle. You can see me splashing it out in the left photo. The right photo is just after I pulled out & parked.

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