The Flames

6 years ago when I got my car, I wanted to paint 2 black stripes on it. This year I actually get to do it. I thought it would be cool to add a little something extra though. I did that because anybody can put cool stripes on the car, but I wanted to give it a little extra something that no one else had. Since I like checkered flags, I decided to put ghost checkers on the stripes. That way you would see the stripes, but in the right light at the right angle, you would see the checkers.

Sweet...nobody has that, and it would be cool. Just a week or so before I actually started the paint job, Zak (one of my coworkers) said you need flames on the car. I do love flame jobs and that would be cool, but how could I do that and make it cool. After a little more thinking I couldn't pass up doing a flame job too. So I started to think about it, and I decided the checkers could fade from checkers into flames on the hood. Even sweeter, and nobody has that!

So, until the day I had to start the artwork on the car I used every free moment I had to practice fading checkers into flames. The following sketches are the better sketches I had. I tried several different types of flames. Some that overlapped each other and some where just simple flames. I really like flames that overlap, but I figured that since these where going to be ghost flames I had better not make them to detailed. Simple seemed the way to go.

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