Practice Stripes

Before I actually painted the stripes, I had to figure out how wide I wanted them and how far apart they should be. So I got out my 2" painters masking tape & started practicing stripes. From the day I got the car in August of 88, I wanted stripes on it. I practiced the first winter and decided not to do it right away because of cost. In 2004 when I decided I could put the stripes ont he car, I had practiced stripes for 6 years before painting them and pretty much knew what I wanted. I knew how far apart I wanted them, but I still had the decision of how wide I wanted them. I knew I wanted them wide, but they had to be just right. Here are the final two widths I had it down to until the day I took the car to the shop. I decided on the narrower of the two stripes. Although I liked the wide ones, they just seemed to overwhelm the car. The narrow stripes fit just perfect. Here's some of my sample stripes at both sizes. Click the photos to enlarge.



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