I have added all the runs I have converted in .mp4 format. It this will not work for you, let me know and I will upload in .avi or .mov. Although the .mov is huge, & I'm not sure about the .avi :)
Adam.mp4 Bill2.mp4 Kevin2.mp4 Sal.mp4
AdamShort.mp4 Bill3.mp4 Kevin3.mp4 Scott.mp4
AdamShort2.mp4 Chris.mp4 Lucas.mp4
AruchLong.mp4 Gordie.mp4 Lucas2.mp4
Aruch2.mp4 jack.mp4 Matt1.mp4
Bill1.mp4 KevinLong.mp4 Ralph.mp4

This is most of the videos I got, except mine & Dianna's.


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